Sun. Mar 3rd, 2024

An Entrepreneur will encounter on average about 1 person a week that will throw out an annoying, innovation killer phrase that will often send him into retreat.

Or maybe as an Entrepreneur you’re just hearing these things in your head, from the small “non risk taking” side of your brain.

Here are the 5 Entrepreneur Innovation Killers:

It’s Not In The Budget

Entrepreneurs are almost always looking for the cheapest route to get the work done, and yes…using money wisely is very important. But, take a look at things you’re claiming are “not in the start up budget”. Cheaper isn’t always better.

Instead, get creative. There’s a world of possibilities for you without forking up a lot of dough: equity partnerships, strategic relationships, debt financing, investors, bartering, and preferred vendors that may be willing to wait on payment.

There’s No One To Do the Extra Work

Yes. I know you’re an Entrepreneur. I know what the real problem is. Your strengths are not accounting, paperwork, etc. You’re strength is management & innovation. Problem is, the mundane tasks have to be done and they seem to be taking up all your time.

It Won’t Work

What Entrepreneur hasn’t heard this one before? It’s not like as a young Entrepreneur growing up you ever listened to your teachers or parents when they told you “no”, so why should you care now? Do listen to it though, but evaluate it against your own instincts. If what they’re saying feels incorrect to you, it probably is. Trust in yourself.

It’s Too Risky

They only say that because they’re too scared to take risks. Not you, you’re an Entrepreneur. You were born for risk. It’s all risk, and no security. If you’re not okay with that, then you shouldn’t be starting a business anyhow.

No One Does It Like That

This is the stupidest thing I’ve heard someone tell an Entrepreneur. That’s the whole point to being an Entrepreneur! You’re filling a gap in the marketplace, and of course no one does it like that! How else do we make money?? Miki Agrawal

There’s great resources out there for Entrepreneurs that promote your strengths and innovation. Another good article to read is “Here’s to Being anĀ Entrepreneur!”.

Amanda Chantell Frazier is a 25 year old serial Entrepreneur, the CEO of Plan to Start Inc., and the founder of a high growth technology start up, Synergy Hub.


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