Wed. Feb 28th, 2024

Many of us are very concerned or even angry about the inequities caused by the government and corporate America. Our existing political and economic systems are only proving to shake up the very foundation of our lives. Trust in government throughout the world, including the U.S. to a degree, is breaking down due to the perceived greed and lust for power, and involvement in useless costly wars and military interventions. We are mislead by the media, commercial interests and by our leaders into believing that everything is manageable, when in reality the political and monetary systems are coming unglued everywhere.

Thousands are needlessly dying from cancer each year and many thousands more remain sick or suffer from illnesses that could be eradicated in a few months, days or even hours. The average cancer patient costs about $300,000 to test and treat. Then most die. These expensive treatments and tests are ordered by doctors and paid for by insurance companies and programs like Medicare. No wonder our Medicare system is being threatened by massive cuts in spending? The US government can’t afford to pay the huge costs of these programs, although the AMA, cancer industry and big pharma lobbyists are relentless to control the flow of income (from insurance companies, including Medicare) to their members are who are getting obscenely rich at the expense of the government and of course, we, the people. Twenty percent of all spending in the U.S. is on medical care. Although this is only one (major) part of the financial problems in this country, the U.S. continues to increase its national debt plus taxes everyone (in practically unlimited ways) partly in order to support these organizations and individuals in the grandeous style they have been accustomed to. Although possibly only a metaphor, we remember learning in history class that “Nero fiddled while Rome burned.”

At any rate, this essay is not intended to explore economic policies or defame our government or health care systems. The intent is to enlighten folks with the reality and knowledge that there are presently inexpensive cures for serious diseases and chronic conditions that negatively motivated corporations have kept hidden from the eye of society for the last 80 years. There were also major medical and engineering breakthroughs in the early 20th century that were kept suppressed. One is publicly available in Europe where there is no persecution of alternative practitioners and freedom of medical practice. In the U.S. two prominent scientists of their time, Nickoli Tesla and Royal Rife, made discoveries that were meant to advance society by providing inexpensive energy and cures for most diseases. The seeming difficulty was, at the apex of their discoveries, heavily vested major corporations were providing the energy and medical needs to most Americans. Among others were Edison Electric Co. and RCA. Infrastructure such as cables, wires, equipment and other technology, were already being manufactured and installed by Edison, plus there were massive amounts of money invested in radiation technology and research by RCA, what to speak of the new pharmacuetical (drugs) industries being financed by J.P. Morgan and friends. Pharmaceutical companies in collaboration with the American Medical Association (AMA) were writing curriculum for medical schools as well as supplying huge research grants to major medical and scientific universities. CEO

At the time, Nickoli Tesla, an electrical engineer who worked for Edison, was independently researching and developing electrical systems meant to cheaply supply and transport electricity to end users. Royal Rife, an avid independent scientific inventor, had developed, along with a powerful microscope, a nearly 100% effective treatment and cure for many diseases including cancer, also using electrical technology. Unfortunately, at the time, the work of these brilliant scientists was eventually crushed by the competition, almost to extinction. In fact, both scientists had their labs mysteriously vandalized and destroyed. Equipment was confiscated and stolen. Research material was both stolen or burned in fires. These gentleman were purportedly ruined emotionally, physically and financially by the same type of power structure and individuals that are running corporations and governments of today. If it wasn’t for the honesty, determination and fortitude of many intelligent researchers, doctors, engineers, scientists and practitioners brave enough to posthumously carry on the work of Rife, we would not be presenting his most important discoveries at all. Are there currently real cures for cancer and other serious diseases? We will try to uncover the truth.


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