Sun. Mar 3rd, 2024

Consider getting yourself a poop pouch to stand out from the crowd. Others will wonder where your ugly dog poop bag is. Why aren’t you showing that off like everyone else does as you stroll down the street with your canine companion? Why are you munching on your apple with a smile on your face? What is that accessory on your leash?

The simple answer to these questions is that you have a new and unique poop pouch. Your life is certainly different. You are up-to-date on all of the new inventions and possibilities available to make your life easier and safer. You are unlike most people who simply continue to do things the way they have always done them and without really thinking about what they are doing. You now know there is a better way to carry your dog poop bag, both before and after filling it with dog poop. You are also well aware of a safer and more sanitary method of doing this. You have done your research and chosen from the many varieties of pouches now available. The pet product manufacturers have furnished what their customers have been asking for.

With your new poop pouch, you can store your dog poop bags safely and securely in the interior pockets. After you have filled one or more bags with dog waste, you can simply return it to the pouch, which is securely attached to your leash. This is where it belongs – out of sight and safely protected from anything that could puncture or weaken the wall and risk the possibility of spillage of the feces. Feces are contaminated with loads of bacteria and potentially with parasites, worms and their eggs. The full dog poop bag should always be discreetly returned to the poop pouch where it is out of view of all and also well protected. Rather than showing off with your disgustingly full dog poop bag as others do, you can show off with your forward thinking in always having your pouch attached to your leash. Being different is certainly the more appropriate and futuristic choice. donate your poop

The other procedure you will perform that is different from others is the sanitation of your hands after handling your dog poop bag. Since you are smart enough to realize the disease-carrying capacity of dog poop, you take the logical next step in sanitizing your hands. Washing our hands with soap and water is something we all do after using toilet facilities. Since you are aware that dog feces pose a greater risk to yourself and others than human waste, you simply follow the same procedure. Your handy poop pouch will conveniently carry your hand sanitizer so that it is readily available after placing your poop bag in the pocket. Realizing that you have foiled those disease-causing demons once again in such an easy and natural way certainly causes you to smile as you now safely munch on your apple.

Finally, having your pockets free of your dog-walking necessities will also portray your difference. In addition to your empty dog poop bags, your poop pouch will also secure your dog training supplies, treats, park passes, keys, cell phone, and even your dog poop bag dispenser. Having easy and convenient access to all of your necessities is another positive difference.



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