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During the bonus round, a win multiplier is applied to the total win of each combination starting at 3x. Each symbol replacement that occurs during the free spins increases the win multiplier by 3x. And the surprises don’t end here! One Wild symbol is guaranteed to be in a random position in the middle of the 4×4 reel for each free spin. This Wild symbol does not disappear as part of a symbol replacement. Each Scatter that lands during rtp slot the spin round is free, adding 2 more free spins.

Yum Yum Powerways features a 4×4 central square slot layout surrounded by 4-position reels on all sides that are balanced in a 4-6-6-6-6-4 shape. Via the Powerways mechanism, wins are available in all directions, starting with any outer edge, providing 16,384 paylines. Bonus features include Replacing Winning Symbols with a multiplier that increases with each spin and Free Spins that can be wagered to increase the number of bonus rounds up to 12. Yum Yum Powerways also features Scatters and Wilds symbols.

When you bet, the wheel spins and stops at a winning or losing position. If you stop on a win, the number of free spins won increases by 2. If you stop on a losing number, the free spins decrease by 2. The maximum number of Free Spins you can win is 12. However, if the number of free spins reaches a number 0, the round is over and the game returns to basic play.

Depending on the number of Free Games you start, you have a higher or lower chance of winning:

When playing 4-6 Free Spins, the chance of winning is 50.14%
When playing 6-8 Free Spins, the chance of winning is 42.88%
When playing 8-10 Free Spins, the chance of winning is 44.46%
When playing 10-12 Free Spins, the chance of winning is 45.47%
A spin starts when you collect free spins from bets or enter them directly from the base game.

If the total winnings of the Free Spins round reach 5000x the spin will immediately expire, the winnings will be awarded, and all remaining free spins will be forfeited.

Buy Free Spins Option
There is also the possibility slot server thailand to purchase Free Spins in certain jurisdictions. The Free Spin feature, along with the free spin option, can be immediately triggered from the base game by purchasing it for 100x the total current bet. When a free spin round is purchased, a number of Scatters symbols land, awarding, from 6 to 12 Free Spins. Newly purchased Free Spins can be wagered using the same system as those obtained from the base game.

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