Sun. Mar 3rd, 2024

The giant e-commerce company, eBay Inc, recently took over Magento. Magento is one of the world’s most widely used open source platform for Web development (Extensively used for E-commerce development). The takeover was an attempt to produce an innovative and highly flexible platform for developing e-commerce websites. It bundles up various commerce products and capabilities into one single framework. Enjoy some of the most widely used e-commerce applications and products packed in one single package.

eBay has come forward with an exceptionally innovative and revolutionary concept for E-commerce website development. They have introduced “X Commerce” which has more features than any other open source e-commerce development platform available. The project has been supported by many more giants of e-commerce industry that provides this platform various unique functionality.

Some of the capabilities and features of X Commerce are:

X Commerce Developer Package: X Commerce comes with a developer’s package that contains all the documentation, important codes and everything required for getting started with this magnificent framework. This package helps the developers in building and testing websites and applications over this framework.

PayPal Access: The PayPal Access provides enhanced user experience to the users. The Module is easy to integrate in applications and is easily compatible with the iPhone and Android platforms. PayPal is currently the most widely used online payment method. It provides easy functionality by registering users in one single click.

New X Commerce Products: The product page of X Commerce provides various downloads, API reference pages and more. Products are accompanied with proper documentation so that the developers don’t have any problem in working on these products. Buy Now Pay Later No Credit Check

Merchant Pricing: X Commerce is a complete package for all the online store owners (or those want to have one) and connects some of the most preferred commerce technologies with the merchants who want to be on the top. The X Commerce connects these merchants to solutions and applications that can play a significant role in growing their business.

How Developers Can Profit: The developers can develop their own applications & extensions and increase their value by offering these extensions in their solutions. The developers can also list and sell their applications by listing then on Magento Connect. It is the most frequently visited commerce application marketplace. Developers can offer Magento Go to the clients who require it and can receive 25% commission on the ongoing monthly subscription.

X commerce is still an untapped territory therefore there are wide opportunities for both merchants and developers in it. The X commerce market is expected to reach $10 trillion by 2013 and therefore the opportunities are going to roll in very fast. The capabilities of the framework make it more flexible and easy to understand than any other e-commerce development platform. The eBay Inc has come forward with an exceptionally great solution for all the e-commerce web development requirements of merchants. It will be very interesting to see how the developers and merchants utilize the platform to its full extent.


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