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There are many different versions of the definition of entrepreneur. The different versions usually stem from an individuals interpretation of the definition, coupled with the regurgitation of the definition with an added portion of their interpretation. Basically the definition gets skewed by the playing of the classic “Telephone Game”.

This article will be no less skewed, but hopefully a tad bit more helpful than most. The word “Entrepreneur” comes to us from the French. In fact the female version of the word (in French) is “Entrepreneuse”. The root of the word Entrepreneur is “Enterprise” (again a word that stems from the French). The verb “entreprendre”, in French, means to undertake. So with this very basic understanding of the roots of the word, one may conclude that “Entrepreneur” means: Someone who wishes to undertake an enterprise (this being of course a loose translation). Now I will give you a very basic “American” definition of the word, and follow that up with my interpretations and observations.

Entrepreneur [en-tre-pre-neur] (Noun) – An Innovator. One who recognizes opportunities and organizes resources to take advantage of those opportunities.

Now let me explain to you my definition of an entrepreneur. An entrepreneur is a “Go-Getter”! He/She is someone that sees an opportunity and does whatever it takes (Ethically), to take advantage of that opportunity. Usually entrepreneurs have at one time in their life said, “Why does the boss make that much money”? And, “I can do it better”!

Usually found in every entrepreneur there are two core qualities: Heart and Dedication. Having “Heart” means that you have a passion for success. It means that you are not satisfied, nor will you be satisfied until you have achieved success. Having “Dedication” means that you have the will and determination to achieve that success. There is no use having heart if you don’t have the drive to follow your heart.

One more thing! Being an entrepreneur does not guarantee you success. There is a lot more that goes into being a successful entrepreneur (for tips on how to be successful check out this free informational blog at [] ). Many of the greatest entrepreneurs have failed many times over before they succeeded. A successful entrepreneur learns from his/her failures and the failures of those that have come before him/her. No one say’s that being an entrepreneur is easy. If it were easy to become a successful entrepreneur then everyone would do it. Fortunately for those of us that are blessed to live in the United States; The U.S. celebrates and encourages entrepreneurialism, and gives its citizens more opportunities and incentives to achieve success. Miki Agrawal


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